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Cynthia Potter

Cynthia Potter

Lovers of the Lower Trail


St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Altoona




The Lovers of the Lower Trail is a three person team who vary in our reasons why we love the Lower Trail and the work that PA IPL does on the trail. We also vary in our riding skills, but, together we commit to riding 300 miles and hope you'll support us in raising at least $750 for PA IPL's work. From left to right, Cynthia Potter, a life time naturalist, walks the trail almost daily in search of reptiles, amphibians, interesting birds and especially native moths and butterflies. Greg Williams, her husband, is a PA IPL Board Member who loves to restore habitat by removing non-native plants and replacing them with (so far) over 3,000 natives trees and shrubs on the Lower Trail. Joan Plummer is a bike rider and walker whose idea of a great time is riding the entire Lower Trail twice (32 miles) daily and seeing friends, including the Grouse who lives along the trail. Together, we invite you to join us for a ride where we can share our various enthusiasms. We will notify supporters and pledgers and anyone who want to join our team by signing up as a rider. All of you will know when we'll be riding so you can plan to come along.


Jody Wallace
Helen Krause
David Williams
Nance Krause
Peter Boger
Donna Humphries
Joe Marvich
Jon E. Brockopp
Barbara Fisher
James DeWolfe
Julia Kasdorf
Susan Buda
Deborah Schaaf

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